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Peppermint Chocolate & Vanilla (Rooibos) (Seasonal)

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Peppermint Chocolate & Vanilla (Rooibos) (Seasonal)

$ 10.00

Rooibos is rich in antioxidants and helps with insomnia.  This deeply infused rooibos tea is combined with the mellow notes of vanilla, the rich flavor of real chocolate chunks and a smooth hit of mint.  So enjoy anytime or at bedtime.  Add ice or cream and it is a terrific latte.

*Contains dairy


rooibos, cocoa beans, apple, peppermint, chocolate flakes, flavors, cocoa powder. vanilla, sea salt, citric acid.


1.5 teaspoon tea in 8 ounces water

212 degrees F (boiling)

5 minutes

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